“Dear Virag and Peter, always follow your dreams and fight for them with faith”.
(Paolo Coelho)

Dear Friend,

it is a great joy to welcome you to our website.

„Shining in everyday life: it is the most authentic teaching. 
The only example we are setting is the way we walk the path
that we ourselves have undertaken before birth from the soul level, for the sake of our improvement”.
(writer: Virág Cs. Szabó, translator: Katalin Gál) 

Do you feel inspired to discover and awaken your inner beauty and treasures?
Then maybe it’s time to:

Unite for a Better World!

You can find us at www.fenyhordozok.hu and contact us by writing to fenypont@gmail.com

Lightpoint Creative Workshop (Our Light Foundation) was born in 2001 in Hungary, from the world-saving dreams of
Virág Cs. Szabó and Péter Csáti-Ersók.


We are driven by the wish to help people awaken to their own beauty and inner treasures, and thus motivate and inspire them for self-fulfillment and creation. The Light of Happiness can spread to the life of others, the planet, and the Universe.
If we work together we can unite the creative-nurturing energies, joining in a world-circle as the Native American Indians believe.

What does all this look like in practice?

We create, teach, and inspire, connecting to those that life brings our way.
Supporting each other in our development we create something, together with the participants, that can inspire the awakening in others as well.
The concept of creating does not only mean artistic creation to us, but healing and self-fulfillment as well.
What is constant is the Message:

Find your own light and shine!

To help you towards this goal we offer workshops that inspire you with a psychological, spiritual, and artistic approach. Supported by inspiration and using the magic of Presence, we offer what the given person or group needs for growth. During the workshops we use the tools of meditation, visualization, stories (fairy tales), writing, theater, dance, music, or simple listening if that’s what’s needed for waking you up. There are also special workshops offered only for women, with the aim of liberating the female qualities inside you.

Past activities

We organized festivals, cultural programs, talkshows, workshops, camps for children and adults, environment protection events, forest walks, charity musical evenings. We had lectures that inspire healing and self-fulfillment. We had web Magazines in Hungarian.

Current activities

We established three different cathegories: 
Female Energy Center (in English)
Story (Fairy Tale) Healing Center
Art Therapy Center (in Hungarian)

– Establishing women, men, parent, and children trainings (ongoing)
– Working out new education and self-healing programs (ongoing)
– Creating and publishing new magazines (ongoing)
– Photo-Graphics Work (ongoing)
– Publicizing the musical entitled Mandralínia in the form of charity evenings (ongoing), in cooperation with the Foundation for Hungarian Musicals

Our active Workshops in Lightpoint:
– Creative Workshops (art activities)
– Fairy Tale Workshops
-Womb-healing Workshops
-Workshops dealing with Female and Male Archetypes
– Music-Dance Workshops
– Creative Art and Fairy Tale Workshops for Children
– Creative Art and Fairy Tale Workshops for Parents and Teachers
We do our best to make sure that those participants who are devoted to growth, but have limited material resources, can also get a chance to join.

Our long-term plans
– Establish a Lightpoint Lifestyle Center – in the spirit of self-healing, awakening, and self-fulfillment
– Establish a new school system
– Writing and publishing story books that heal and initiate into the mystery of life (in Hungarian and English, ongoing)
– Publish meditation music CDs

It is our dream to grow beyond the borders of Hungary as well, and call people worldwide who are ready to awaken and unite.
We welcome help, support, and partners for manifesting the above in unity.

If you feel like contributing to make our dreams come true, giving Mankind wings:

Bank account number: OTP: (IBAN): HU20 1173 4004 2047 1860 0000 0000

” If Our Light reaches its goal, I know my children will have a chance to live a better life” –  one of our followers.  

Examples our past work

– Two of Virág’s short stories in English: Dolphin boy and Sunshine
– Péter’s photography and music page
– MANDRALÍNIA  musical songs: (Virág Cs. Szabó – Ildikó Barta – Angelika Izsó, photos: Péter Csáti-Ersók)
MAGIC SONG (with English subtitles, click on the Subtitles-CC button in the YouTube window)